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Sep 25, 2003
isnt this exciting

i keep having these dreams about these elevators. its the weirdest thing. maybe my subconciounce is trying to tell me that i like elevators and that i should ride them more often. or not 
apparantly the "triangle" is gone. it wasnt really a triangle coz it was all one-sided so it would be more like a point with two lines. but watever works. im glad that shes actually telling me these things to me. hA.
i wonder if we're actually gona go to newberg to see bens band and devans band play. i really doubt it coz its too far away. iduno. id be cool hearing bens band but im not too interested bout devans...like id really rather not see that guy. too many bad memories involved.
gona be in pain tomorrow or knocked out on painkillers coz of my two stupid teeth and that cyst thing. amanda had a cyst in her shoulder or something weird like that and she had to get it removed. so she came to dance practice with stitches and this bandaid over it xcept the bandaid fell off since she was sweating. i felt sry for her coz everyone had to kno what was wrong with her. i hate it when people ask me the same questions over and over again.
"why do you have an Rshirt?"
i felt like it.
well thats enough rambling nobody cares anyways.

Posted at 05:54 pm by whereAMi
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